HISTORY OF THE DAY According to Oleg Loginov. May 30. THE KHODYNKA TRAGEDY

HISTORY OF THE DAY According to Oleg Loginov May 30 THE KHODYNKA TRAGEDY Painting by Vladimir Makovsky. «Khodynka». (1899). On May 30, 1896, festivities were planned in Moscow on the Khodynka Field on the occasion of the coronation of Emperor Nicholas II. The organizers wanted to make them according to the script, as in 1883 […]

HISTORY OF THE DAY According to Oleg Loginov. February 17th. GERONIMO

HISTORY OF THE DAY According to Oleg Loginov February 17 GERONIMO On February 17, 1909, the chief of the Chiricahua Apache tribe, Jeronimo, who was caught by white Americans, died in Arizona. Actually, his real name is Goyatlai (Goyaałé) — «The one who yawns». Geronimo began to be called by the Mexicans after one battle, […]

HISTORY OF THE DAY According to Oleg Loginov. December 14th. REVENGE OF THE 47 RONINS

REVENGE OF THE 47 RONINS HISTORY OF THE DAY According to Oleg Loginov December 14th REVENGE OF THE 47 RONINS 47 Ronin attack Kira’s estate, etched by Katsushika Hokusai In Japan in the Edo era (1603-1868), during the reign of Shogun Tokugawa Tsunayoshi, who was popularly nicknamed «Dog Shogun» because he treated dogs better than […]


PIERRE LOUTREL À propos de Pierre Loutrel, ils écrivent ainsi:»Maintenant, les français ont déjà commencé à l’oublier, mais en 1965, un homme nommé MAD Pierrot était si célèbre que même les mentions de lui étaient interdites.» La Bande Traction Avant De Pierre Loutrel Pierre Loutrel était un simple villageois. Il est né le 5 mars […]


SOAP SMITH Jefferson Randolph Smith II got his nickname «Soap Smith» for one of his favorite scams. He sold cheap soap at a fabulous price, promising that $100 was wrapped under the wrapper of several pieces. This alone attracted people to his stall, and when it turned out that a piece of soap with a […]


COMSTOKISM Symbol of the Society for Combating Immorality in New York In this world, everything repeats itself, and from these repetitions, the thought involuntarily arises that they can be used to judge how far Russia has lagged behind world processes. For example, America experienced the rampant corruption that currently exists in it 150 years ago. […]


CRIMINAL LOVE Mary Kay Letourneau-Faulau suffered for love. Having fallen in love with a schoolboy, she gave birth to two children from him, served time for having sex with him, and then married him. A 35-year-old elementary school teacher in Washington State, wife and mother of four children, Mary Kay Letornu-Faulau was accused of raping […]